Julio Bravo y su Orquesta Salsabor

Celebrating their 18th anniversary, Julio Bravo's group of dynamic musicians have created a flavor all their own. Beyond the talent of each individual member, Julio Bravo y su Orquesta Salsabor, is a unique blend of vocal styles unlike other salsa bands in San Francisco. Peruvian born singer, composer, and bandleader, Julio Bravo creates an explosion of sound and energy that keeps their diverse audience coming back for more.

Julio Bravo y su Orquesta Salsabor brings together the most talented and ambitious musicians, and creates a fantastic orchestra, that has demonstrated to be nergetic, versatile, fun to watch, fun to dance to, and works well in gala and outdoor events, universities, weddings, night clubs, casinos, conventions, and more, showcasing an eclectic mix of the best danceable tunes, covers and originals, they play songs ranging from their CD “10 Anos de Salsa” to current artists such as El Gran Combo, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Puerto Rican Power and many more.

The taste for Latin music has hit the Bay Area with a vengeance, and Julio Bravo y su Orquesta Salsabor is leading the trend. Julio Bravo is currently working on his next CD project called “Bravissimo” filled with original compositions and arrangements. “Bravissimo” is expected to be released Summer 2012.